EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Video – Palestinian Terror Attacks and Massacres on October 7th 2023 (compilation)

Graphic Video, Hamas Terrorists Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justifiable. Description COMPILATION OF GRAPHIC RAW FOOTAGE – Massacre Across Israel on October 7th 2023 From the Eyes of Hamas. Too many horrible scenes to write in one description here.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Videos of the Brutal Murder and Kidnapping of the 19 Year old Unarmed Israeli Girls on October 7th

In this video right before the Arabs arrived you can see that all the 19 year old girls are still alive and unharmed and that none of them are armed. Only 5 of the girls in this video survived the massacre all though they were raped. The others were butchered and raped. The 5 that … Read more

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Gazan Arabs Executing and Torturing Their Own People

The following video shows terror and criminal factions in Gaza torturing and executing other Gazans (video is from today, May 25th 2024) the video is shot with a smartphone camera and includes audio. If you know anyone who thinks the terrorists in Gaza are justified, please share this video with them. In the video 2 … Read more

Horrific Hostage Video – 8-Year-Old Forced by Gazan Terrorists to Recite Texts in Captivity

Below is the video found recently on terrorist computer drives in the Gaza Strip. The video shows 8-year-old Ella Eliakim in Gaza, several days after being kidnapped from her father’s house in Nahal Oz on October 7th. Hamas terrorists filmed her while she was in captivity, forcing the 8-year-old girl to recite texts for their … Read more

Horrifying Brutality of Gazan Arab Terrorists – Videos Show Shocking Treatment of Suspected Thieves in Gaza’s Rafah

Graphic warning! Disturbing videos! Hamas terrorists in Rafah are shooting a group of Palestinians suspected of stealing from evacuated homes and schools, leaving them to bleed out. In another video, Hamas terrorists in Rafah brutally beat another Rafah resident suspected of theft with an iron rod, mercilessly. Some Gazan netizens on social media supported Hamas … Read more