GRAPHIC Video – Palestinian Man Finds Bleeding Young Female Jewish Girl Hiding During The Music Festival Massacre, Says He Will Abduct Her and “Do Things With Her”

Graphic Video, Hamas Terrorists (with audio, smartphone camera)
Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justifiable.


The girl in this video is currently missing, believed to be abducted by Palestinian terrorists, we will not publicize her name here. During the massacres across southern Israel on October 7th 2023, at the site of the Nova music festival massacre, a Palestinian man who is filming using his phone, he finds a young woman hiding in a ditch and bleeding from her hand in the dessert. She is afraid for her life hiding from the brutal terrorists who are murdering hundreds of festival goers. The Palestinian man filming is either an armed Hamas terrorist or maybe one of the civilians from Gaza who broke through the fence during the attacks and pillaged and raped the nearby towns during the attacks. He says in Arabic “Here is one of the Jewish dogs, we captured one of them and will take her prisoner, anyone we find here, you don’t know what we will do to the people“.

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