GRAPHIC WARNING: Videos of the Brutal Murder and Kidnapping of the 19 Year old Unarmed Israeli Girls on October 7th

In this video right before the Arabs arrived you can see that all the 19 year old girls are still alive and unharmed and that none of them are armed. Only 5 of the girls in this video survived the massacre all though they were raped. The others were butchered and raped. The 5 that survived were taken hostage. All the others were murdered. The bodies of all the other girls who were not kidnaped were found butchered and raped on the scene. Some of them were also burned.

Video 1 – all of the girls are still alive (video taken by one of the girls)

In the next video which was released this week the 5 girls that survived the massacre and were kidnapped are full of blood everywhere. Their faces, mouths, bodies, clothes, everywhere. Their friends were butchered and raped and they were raped, beaten, cut up and kidnapped. All the girls were all unarmed. Bodies of the murdered girls (blurred) can be seen in the background in parts of the video.

Video 2 – only 5 of them are alive, after being brutalized and cut up and are now being taken hostage (videos taken by the Arabs) Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa, and Naama Levy are all still being held captive in Gaza.

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