Hamas Massacre Website (Videos)

Ever since the Israeli state was created in 1948, Islamist groups have been trying to destroy Israel. Each and every of the wars has always been against an Arab Muslim enemy which seeks to destroy Israel and create an Islamist state after all the Jews are either expelled or killed. One of the Islamist terror groups that has constantly attacked Israel is Hamas. On this website you will find the Hamas massacre videos from the 7th of October and also from before and after the 7th of October.

Hamas Massacres of 7th October

What happened on the 7th of October? 

On the 7th of October 2023 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, together with regular Palestinian civilians from Gaza, massacred 1,400 Israelis including elderly, women, children, babies and soldiers. Around 230 Israelis and foreign nationals were also kidnapped and taken hostage to Gaza. Of those murdered and kidnapped by the Palestinian terrorists and civilians dozens were foreign nationals from all around the globe who were either visiting southern Israel or working in southern Israel. Some of them also live in southern Israel and some of them are Israeli Jews with dual citizenships. 

Hamas Also Killed Arabs and Muslims

In some of the videos on our Hamas massacre website video archive, you will also see Palestinian terrorists murdering Arabs and Muslims inside of Israel. The Palestinian murderers had no mercy for Israeli-Arabs and killed them in cold blood too.

Why Did We make an Archive of Hamas Massacre Videos?

Some say that posting the videos of the Hamas massacres on this website is disrespectful to the families of those murdered. As the videos will stay online for years to come always reminding them of the horror and the trauma. We believe that today we must show the world the brutality and this terrorist enemy, the truth behind the Israel-Palestine conflict as it can be witnessed through the Hamas massacre videos.