Horrific Hostage Video – 8-Year-Old Forced by Gazan Terrorists to Recite Texts in Captivity

Below is the video found recently on terrorist computer drives in the Gaza Strip.

The video shows 8-year-old Ella Eliakim in Gaza, several days after being kidnapped from her father’s house in Nahal Oz on October 7th. Hamas terrorists filmed her while she was in captivity, forcing the 8-year-old girl to recite texts for their camera.

The Kidnapping of Ella Eliakim and the October 7th Attack on Nahal Oz

Ella Eliakim’s Kidnapping

On October 7, 2023, Arab terrorists from Gaza launched a brutal attack on Kibbutz Nahal Oz, during which they kidnapped 8-year-old Ella Eliakim and her 15-year-old sister Dafna. The attack also resulted in the murder of their father, Noam Eliakim, his partner Dikla, and their daughter Tomer. The sisters were taken into Gaza, where they were held captive and subjected to psychological terror and harsh conditions.

The captors forced the sisters to move frequently, keeping them in various civilian homes and even underground tunnels to evade detection by Israeli forces. During this time, Ella and Dafna were instructed to wear hijabs and were threatened with death if they spoke or disobeyed.

October 7th Attack on Nahal Oz

The attack on Nahal Oz was part of a larger coordinated massacre by Arab terrorists from Gaza on Israeli communities. This massacre began in the early hours of October 7, 2023, and resulted in the deaths of most of the residents, those who survived were taken hostage.

During the attack, the terrorists went house to house, murdering residents and kidnapping others. The brutality of the assault was compounded by the psychological and sexual tactics used by the attackers wherein killed people in front of their family members and raped both women and men.

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