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Atrocity videos of Hamas

On this website we have compiled for you all the Palestinian terror videos from October 7th 2023 with great effort and pain – there are lots and lots of videos and it takes a lot of time to upload them all so please be patient, we are working hard to locate and slowly upload all the videos. All the posts on the website along with the videos are in the English language, why in the English language? Because our allies throughout the western world mostly speak English and this site is primarily an information site for the western world.

Hamas videos, Palestinian terror videos

We have compiled the horror videos on this site mainly for the purposes of informing the Western world. We divided the posts with the videos into categories such as kidnapping videos, shooting videos, Terror videos, etc. so that it would be easier for people to browse the site to find a video. It is important for the world to see and remember what happened on October 7, 2023 and what also happened in the decades leading up to this date, countless acts and attacks of Palestinian terror by Hamas, Gazans, Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian terrorists against the people of Israel and against Jews.

How can you help?

We need English speaking people who can help us upload all the videos to the website. You can contact the site manager via WhatsApp at this link. We also want people who can help us find more videos that do not yet appear on the site, upload them to the site and spread as much as possible the links to the posts along with the videos on news sites around the world, on social media and send a notification with links to the posts on the site to acquaintances and friends abroad in countries that have not yet understood the magnitude of the attacks and atrocities of Palestinian Islamic terrorism against Jews and Israelis.