(Graphic Videos) Hamas Terrorists Open Fire on Palestinian Civilians in Gaza, Killing Their Own People

24 December 2023 – Hamas Gunmen Open Fire on Palestinian Civilians in Gaza, Killing Their Own People (Smartphone, With Audio) Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justified.

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On the 24th of December 2023 Hamas terrorists conducted live gunfire targeting Gazan civilians who were assaulting vehicles transporting humanitarian supplies from the Rafah border crossing. This incident involved civilians attacking the trucks that were delivering essential humanitarian aid, which prompted a violent response from the Hamas operatives, leading to a tense and deadly situation where at least one Palestinian civilian was shot dead by the terrorists.

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24 December 2023 – Gazan residents report that Hamas police also shot a member of the Matawa family in Khan Yunis against the backdrop of “aid distribution.”

Video #3


With English Subtitles:


24 December 2023 – Aid distribution in Rafah: Hamas police shot a child to death, the family demands blood revenge. Clashes between the members of the Barika family in Tel al-Sultan in western Rafah (southern Strip) and Hamas forces: The crowds set fire to a Hamas police station.

The background of the incident: Hamas police shot in the head of a child/teenager named Ahmad Barika to deter him from the aid trucks. He was killed as a result. The Barika family members, who according to the attached video helped Hamas in securing the aid convoys (note that the speaker is holding a weapon and wearing a coat commonly worn by Hamas activists), are now demanding blood revenge for the boy’s death and blame the murder on officer Omar Abu Halal from Hamas’s patrol unit and the Hamas government.

The speaker in the video says that from now on, no vehicle or aid truck arriving in the area from the direction of the border will be safe. The speaker demands blood revenge tonight, without waiting, even if he has to pay with his life and the life of his family for it. Members of the Barika family burned tires in protest.

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