GRAPHIC WARNING – Israeli Woman Tries to Escape Hamas Savages While Being Kidnapped and Is Shot in the Back (October 7th Massacres)

Israeli Woman Tries to Escape Hamas Savages and Is Shot in the Back on October 7th (CCTV videos, no sound) Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justified.

In the following videos we witness – from the angles of two kibbutz CCTV and a vehicle dashcam – the incredible moment when a brave Israeli woman escapes the clutches of her Hamas captors, only to be summarily executed by them in cold blood by the side of the road.


Videos 1 and 2 – In this video footage, taken from the gate of Kibbutz Mefalsim (near Sderot) on the morning of October 7th, we can see the woman being led away to a Hamas Toyota by Hamas terrorists on the main road. She eventually breaks free from her Hamas captors and begins to run for her life, and is shot in the back.



Videos 3 and 4 – These clips show her murder from both CCTV cameras, while the dashcam from the white vehicle seen in the CCTV frame (also fired on by Hamas), shows her falling to the side of the road as she is shot in cold blood trying to escape.


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