GRAPHIC VIDEO – Savage Palestinian Civilians Kidnap Innocent Israeli Woman on October 7th, Call Her “Bitch” and Take Her Into Gaza

Palestinian Civilians Kidnap Israeli Woman on October 7th (Smartphone camera video, with sound). Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justified.



An innocent Israeli female civilian is being kidnapped. She was taken from her house in an Israeli village in southern Israel by the savage Palestinians who attacked from Gaza. In the video, she is barefoot, called a ‘bitch,’ and surrounded by Gazan civilians who are kidnapping her, these are not Hamas terrorists but Gazan civilians who kidnap her.

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Next to the Palestinians who are kidnapping this poor woman is a teenager or boy, riding his bike, following the kidnappers. Behind them is an armed Palestinian (Hamas fighter) and beyond the fence, where they are taking her, there are more armed Palestinians. You can see in the background a lot of smoke billowing up into the air from what appears to be fires from some kind of explosions from the terrorists attacks.

The person who is filming this event seems to have a walkie talkie with him and the chatter over their communications can be heard saying that “they are sending jeeps now” to somewhere. We are not certain who this Israeli woman is, if she has been released or if she is alive today as her face is not visible in the video.

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