EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO – Last Moments of Joshua Mollel Alive and Then Being Murdered and Mutilated by Palestinian Savages, Tanzanian Agricultural Intern, October 7th Murder and Kidnapping

Palestinian Civilians and Hamas Murder and Kidnap Civilian Agricultural Intern Joshua Mollel in southern Israel on October 7th (Smartphone camera videos, with sound). Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justified.

This post has several videos in the first video you can see Joshua Mollel alive, they are yelling at him he is pleading for his life. In the next videos he is killed, his body mutilated and his body is taken into Gaza on the back of a truck. During the videos they yell “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and “El Yehudi” (The Jew).

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Video #1 – Joshua is still alive


Video #2 – They stabbed Joshua with a kitchen knife. They stepped on his chest. And then, while shouting Allahu Akbar, sprayed bullets into his body at point blank range.


Video #3 #4 – They Kidnap his dead body on the back of a truck into Gaza Yelling “El Yehudi (The Jew)



Image – They are mutilating his dead body and are stepping on his head

Palestinians mutilated Joshua Mollel dead body and are stepping on his head


Joshua Mollel, an agricultural intern from Tanzania who has been missing since Hamas’s October 7 onslaught, has been announced dead. The Palestinian terrorists also released these images and videos showing how he was taken, killed, mutilated and his body kidnapped. Joshua was a Tanzanian agricultural intern working in the south of Israel in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. His family has been updated about his murder. His body is still being held by the Palestinian terrorists is Gaza.

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The Israeli kibbutz where he had been working announced on Facebook that its officials have been notified that Mollel was kidnapped to Gaza and murdered, with his body currently held by the Hamas terror group.

“We send condolences to Joshua’s family. May his memory be a blessing,” the statement says.

Mollel, 21, had arrived in Israel in mid-September, his first time traveling out of Tanzania.

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