EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Video – Moments After Palestinian Islamist Terrorists Killed Teenagers Hiding in a Shelter, Shot Them and Threw Grenades Into the Shelter (Scene of a Massacre)

(Moments After a Massacre) Palestinian terrorists kill teenagers in shelter, shooting and throwing grenades in this massacre. (with audio, smartphone camera livestream)
Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justifiable.


On the 7th of October 2023, Dozens of young civilian teen Nova partygoers were hiding in nearby shelters and toilet rooms. This video from one of the roadside shelters depicts the scene of massacre in one of these shelters, right after terrorists shot at them into the shelter and then threw grenades into the shelter. In the video you can see most of the teens are bleeding, one of them is missing half of his leg below the knee, they are yelling and moaning from pain, one of them says “Help!  Help!” a woman yells “I will get you to the hospital, get up!” to her female friend that is unconscious on the ground, another female teen is heard saying “They shot her” as the phone camera shows a dead female teen on the floor outside of the shelter. At least 270 young Israelis lost their lives at the Nova party, and dozens of others were kidnapped.

Uploaded from: https://t.me/hamasattackisraelvideos