EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Video – One of the Several Zikim Beach Toilet Room Massacres, Civilian Children and Teens Hiding in Toilet Room Killed by Hamas

At Zikim Beach, a tragic attack unfolded where civilian children and teenagers, seeking shelter in a toilet room, were killed by Hamas. (with audio, smartphone camera livestream)
I encourage you to share this video with anyone who might still believe that Palestinian terrorism can be justified in any way.


A group comprised mostly of Israeli children and teenagers were at Zikim Beach on the morning of October 7th when the Palestinian Islamist terrorist rampages began in southern Israel. Many of the young beachgoers hid in the public restroom stalls that are located along the beach when the attacks started. Most of them were killed.

When Hamas terrorists landed on the beach by sea, the group in this video, 5 civilians including 3 teenagers, fled to one of the restrooms to hide from the gunshots. Two Israeli soldiers from a nearby base arrive on the scene and one of them comes into the restroom and tells the civilians “A Hamas unit is on the beach, there are snipers, I don’t know what else, there is an army” He then exits the restroom am says “I will be right back”. 

Unfortunately, all of the Israeli civilians and soldiers seen in this video were brutally murdered by Hamas. In the second part of the video, which was captured and livestreamed online by Palestinian Islamist terrorists (Hamas), you can see the entire group of civilians, mostly teenagers and children, lying on the ground in the restroom stalls deceased. In total, at least 35 civilians and soldiers were murdered at Zikim Beach that morning.