EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Video: A Civilian Is Lying On The Ground While Palestinians Argue About Who Will Get To Behead Him

Extremely Graphic Video, A Person Is Lying On The Ground While Terrorists Argue About Who Will Get To Behead Him. (with subtitles, with audio, smartphone camera) Please share this video with anyone you know who still believes Palestinian terrorism is in any way justified.


In this video you can see a person is lying on the ground while terrorists argue about who will get to behead him. One of them is attempting to do it with a gardening tool, seemingly because they believe he is Jewish. It appears that he is still alive at that point.

Uploaded from: https://t.me/hamasattackisraelvideos

The violent incidents occurring on October 7, 2023, involved terrorists from Hamas who penetrated the Gaza security barrier into southern Israel, initiating multiple forms of assault, including rocket fire. They infiltrated several towns and a dance festival, which tragically resulted in the deaths of over 1,300 civilians. The Israel Defense Forces responded to these acts. The Palestinian terrorist actions were characterized by their severe violence, including shooting, burning, sexual violence, and decapitations. The consequent devastation highlighted a grave massacre, evidenced by the civilian death toll and lasting signs of terrorism. This event is one of the most grievous in Israeli history, emblematic of the extreme violence terrorists can inflict.

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